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Database of Surgical Uncertainty

  • Identify Areas of Uncertainty: To identify areas of uncertainty (or practice variability) with respect to surgical technique and perioperative care that are clinically impactful and patient-important.
  • Knowledge Appraisal: To systematically evaluate the current evidence in order to identify opportunities for knowledge generation (i.e. clinical trials), synthesis, or translation.
  • Collaboration: To promote synergy between IMPACTS and the surgical/perioperative community.  We wish to encourage members of these communities to contribute to our Database of Surgical Uncertainty and to foster collaborative partnerships with them to address any potential research opportunities generated from their question.

Innovative Clinical Trials

  • Efficient and Sustainable Clinical Trial Infrastructure: To develop a robust, multi-center research infrastructure to conduct and support ongoing clinical trials.
  • Clinical Trial Innovation: Incorporate novel design elements to optimize efficiency in performing high-quality pragmatic clinical trials.
  • Prioritization: Highlight knowledge gaps to be evaluated in clinical trials using a consensus-based framework with engagement from patient partners, clinicians, and policy-makers.

Contribute to the IMPACTS Database of Uncertainty

Please help contribute to the IMPACTS database as we search for high quality, evidence-based answers for areas of uncertainty in surgery and perioperative care.  Submit any questions you may have in and IMPACTS will appraise the current literature to develop a high-quality, evidence based answer.  When appropriate any missing links will be addressed through systematic review or clinical trials.  This is a collaborative process and you will invited to participate in any research generated from your submission.